Who We Are

We are an A.I powered Video Games & Software Marketplace, dedicated to facilitating the secured buying and selling of physical and downloadable Video Games, Software and eBooks online.

We are dedicated to providing a platform that meets the needs and wants of both buyers and sellers, with our sellers consistently providing only excellent customer service with a “wow” experience!

What We Offer

Video Games & Software Marketplace for Physical and Downloadable Video Games, Software and eBooks, with 24/7 after sales support FOREVER!

Giving all buyers happy encounters during their time spent purchasing on Section H™ vStore, is what we require all our sellers to always strive for.


Our Value Proposition includes:

  1. Curation of best selling top titles online for video games and software products.
  2. Marketplace for top premium brands of video games and software products.
  3. Express delivery for physical products, or instant download of virtual products after purchase.
  4. Receive direct customer service and After Sales support “forever”, from brands and us.
  5. Social Networking community between buyers and brands.

Top Features/Benefits

  • High-end video games and software products marketplace, with 24/7 after sales support FOREVER!
  • Large and growing database of top #1 selling physical and virtual products.
  • Buy original physical and virtual products, securely online with just few clicks, using the highest encryption technology.
  • Compare products from multiple sellers/vendors with our Compare Tool.
  • Social Networking and Messaging system, intelligently integrated in our iOS and Android Apps, available in the APP and Play Stores.
  • Powered by A.I. to give you a personalized and smart shopping experience.
  • Social Network community between buyers and brands (sellers/vendors), which facilitates a more streamlined, effective and efficient communication channel between all parties.