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          4 Item(s)

          Macintosh Games

          Traitors Gate for Mac (Rated E)

          Format: Retail PkgAge: 10 and UpPlatform: MacintoshAs Special Agent Raven, you must infiltrate the heavily guarded Tower of London to locate and replace the Jewels with exact replicas. To succeed, you will need to out-fox the highly trained security guards and multi-million dollar surveillance system protection the Jewels.4 CDs

          Power Play Flight Sim 3 Pack for Mac

          Format: Retail PkgAge: 10 and UpPlatform: MacintoshPower Play includes three ways to let loose the thunder in the skies! Test your skills in past, present and future scenarios in three award winning flight sims in one collection. Choose from over 25 different aircraft. Includes: Absolute Zero, Flying Nightmares, and Out of the Sun.3 CDs

          Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition for Mac OS X

          Format: Retail PkgAge: All AgesPlatform: MacintoshJeopardy! Deluxe will test your knowledge with the familiar format of America"s Favorite Quiz Show. Play alone or challenge computerized contestants for control of the Jeopardy board. If your responses are correct, you lead the game. If you"re wrong, your competitors will take control of the board and you"ll need to use your quick wits...

          Beyond Atlantis: Your Journey Awaits for Mac

          Format: Retail PkgAge: EveryonePlatform: MacintoshThe appearance of the Super Nova of the Crab in the skies has awakened the light half of the force. Ten, descendent of Seth and the original Hero of Atlantis, holds within him the key to the mystery and is bound on an adventure to Tibet where he will gradually discover his destiny from a wizened...